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Leipzig has always been commended as a hospitable city. Merchants coming to the city for trade fairs and students alike praised the city’s public houses. Johann Wolfgang Goethe (who was a student in the city) immortalised Auerbachs Keller in his play “Faust”, and a visit to the famous barrel cellar is not to be missed when in Leipzig.

Leipzigers are also known for their proverbial love of coffee, and the popularity of the hot drink from Arabia among the people here gave rise to the nickname “Kaffeesachse” (“Coffee-Saxon”). Hence it comes as no surprise to learn that coffee-houses were popular meeting places in the city as early as 1695. Zum Arabischen Coffe Baum is the oldest surviving coffee-house and restaurant in Europe to have been continually in operation. The coffee-house tradition is still maintained in various historical cafés in the city and is also being revived in newly established coffee-houses.

Moreover, the city has several “pub districts” including the one known as “Drallewatsch”, running from Brühl precinct along Fleischergasse to the New Town Hall.

For information about Leipzig’s own beer (‘Gose’) and where to drink it, have a look on Leipzig’s official homepage.

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